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Statement from Greg Hartmann regarding
Red Light Cameras in Cincinnati

Greg Hartmann has announced today that he is joining the coalition to oppose Red Light Cameras in Cincinnati and will be working along side this group to support the petition drive and referendum to place this issue before our voters.

  “As an agent of our justice system, I am opposed to red light cameras in Cincinnati because they stand to violate citizen safeguards under due process of law. The camera ordinance requires fines to be paid before the accused can defend themselves in court and does not allow the accused to subpoena witnesses in their defense.“

“Furthermore, I am concerned with the safety implications caused by red light cameras at busy intersections.  I am additionally concerned that the City believes this is a worthy expenditure of time and resources when there are more urgent community issues to address about the safety and security of our citizens.”

“The red light cameras employ a harmful ‘guilty before proven innocent’ approach to law enforcement and are a knee-jerk reaction by the City to raise revenue at the expense of the safety of our motorists and their checkbooks.”

 Thank you.

Greg Hartmann,

Republican Candidate for Hamilton County Commissioner