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"The referendum petition for Hamilton County, Ohio is the check and balance in a democratic society."
Cincinnati Branch of the NAACP

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Statement from Dr. Victoria Wulsin regarding
Red Light Cameras in Cincinnati

"I am proud to join the NAACP, COAST and other groups from across the political spectrum in support of a ballot referendum on Cincinnati's new red light camera ordinance. There is no better way to make government accountable to the people than to put this issue on the ballot and give people a vote in November."

"My primary concern with the red light camera ordinance is that it denies an accused individual the right to due process. When any American is accused of violating the law, he or she should have the opportunity to contest that charge, without the presumption of guilt and certainly without having to pay the fine first, as this ordinance requires. While this is primarily a local issue, I urge Cincinnatians to carefully consider the red light camera ordinance before casting their vote in November."

Dr. Victoria Wulsin,
Candidate for Congress from Ohio's second district,