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David Krikorian
Candidate for US Congress – OHIO Second District


 Statement on Red Light Cameras in Cincinnati

While I agree that Red light runners pose a risk to society I would ask the people of Cincinnati to consider the unintended consequences of installing red light cameras.  In particular I am concerned that while the cameras may generate some revenue in the short term, they will most certainly become a drain on our city’s resources over the long run. 

Cameras are expensive to install and maintain.  By some estimates a single camera could cost $50,000 to purchase and install and $25,000 per year or more to maintain. 

My questions for City Hall and the citizens of Cincinnati are? 

What happens when there are no more red light runners and these cameras start costing us money? 

What happens when these cameras start contributing to budget deficits?

 How fast will City hall decide that the cameras are a bad idea and not worth the cost?

 The City of Dallas, TX is now experiencing this very problem and has deactivated a quarter of their Red Light cameras because they are a drain on that city’s budget.   

My advice is to allow our police officers to do their jobs and catch offenders in the act.  We should carefully consider the unintended financial consequences of red light cameras.

 But most of all lets put it to a vote and let the people decide.