We Demand A Vote!

Why the Red Light Cameras are a Bad Idea!
     by Ed Rothenberg

1) Technically, when you enter an intersection during a yellow light, you will be nailed if it changes to red before you have gotten out of the intersection. Thus violations will kick in by mere fractions of a second.   Bottom line: many of you will be shocked when the ticket arrives.

(2) To make sure everyone gets nailed, the city will be contracting with an independent company.   The latter will be highly motivated to get you because THEY ARE PAID A PERCENTAGE OF THE TAKE. Look for computer errors that will favor the contractor.

(3) There is little due process if you want to fight the ticket. And even if your car were driven by someone else, you, the owner, will be stuck.

(4) There is no need for this as a safety issue because there is no epidemic of red light accidents. We just don't need it.

(5) But watch for rear end crashes increasing. Drivers will become so afraid of getting a ticket, they'll slam on the brakes when the yellow light suddenly comes on.

(6) The real reason for the cameras is to get an UNVOTED TAX INCREASE. The city could net a million annually. And most of these funds will come from innocent drivers who almost never had a red light ticket before.

Bottom line: Like last year's jail tax, this is an issue that needs to be debated. I have joined with the "wedemandavote" coalition to collect the signatures to get this on the November ballot. You should too.