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WeDemand Coalition WINS Modern Day Sam Adams Award!

Read the press release here.

Regenold Speaks at CPAC

WeDemandCoalition's Dan Regenold spoke at the Conservative Conference CPAC February 8, 2008, along with others to discuss The Power of Principle: Conservative Victories Across the Nation in 2007.  Regenold discussed the Coalition's success in overturning the 1/2 cent Sales Tax Increase in Hamilton County in November 2007.

Vote NO on Issue 27
The new campaign to reject this Sales Tax Increase will be known as  ISSUE 27 on the November Ballot.  The
"Vote NO' campaign will be will have it's own web site:

Please go directly to that site to Volunteer and get involved
in this important campaign to hold your county government accountable.
Click Here to read the
Press Release Regarding Issue 27 Press Conference on 10/02/07 

The Voters
Have Spoken

The Voters of Hamilton County have spoken and the Board of Elections has confirmed that it will disclose tomorrow that the Petition Drive to Place the Sales Tax on the Ballot has been successful. It is believed that there are in excess of 10,000 signatures more than required to place the issue on the Ballot. The NAACP deserves full credit for initiating this process and having the foresight to let the Voters take a look at this $900 million tax increase. Commissioner Pat Dewine has also been very important in holding the line on tax increases for Voters of Hamilton County.

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Leaders of WeDemandAVote.com pictured at the Hyde Park Rally on June 27, 2007.
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Pictured: Green Party's Justin Jeffre, City Council Candidate MIchael Patton, WeDemand Chairman Daniel Regenold, NAACP President Christopher Smitherman, Sales Tax Fighter, Sandy O'Brien, COAST Attorney Chris Finney , Commissioner Pat DeWine, Libertarian Scott Nazzarine, Businessman Ed Rothenberg.

Happy October 1, 2007

The Sales Tax increase to 7% that Hamilton County Commissioners
David Pepper and Todd Portune tried to sneak into law was scheduled to go into effect today.This pork filled $777 million in spending was stopped by 56,951 voters who signed a referendum petition to place this issue on the Ballot in November.

Final Total 56,951
Click Here To Read The Press Release
WeDemandAVote.com Chairman, Daniel Regenold and NAACP President Christopher Smitherman announced Friday, July 13, 2007 that they have received a total of 56,951 Signatures out of 28,750 needed to place the Sales Tax issue on the Ballot in November."Our partnership of 7 organizations has worked hard to make this happen for the Voters of Hamilton County. The voters need a chance to review this $900 million Sales Tax Increase and vote on it!" said Regenold and Smitherman. The petitions now go to Hamilton County Auditor Dustry Rhodes for 10 days for public inspection then on to the Board of Elections for 10 days where signatures will be reviewed against Voter Signatures Cards. A final decision on the number of signatures approved should come around August 10, 2007.
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  Thousands of citizens and several organizations have joined together to support the petition drive by the NAACP to place on the ballot a referendum on the Hamilton County sales tax increase that Commissioners Todd Portune and David Pepper have attempted to force upon taxpayers
without a vote.

Circulator Michael Patton collects signatures at Party in the Park on 6/20/07

Sign Outside Salem Hardware
6401 Salem Road
Cincinnati, OH 45230
Sales Tax re Jail Motion
Motion by Gwen Marshall, “Nothside Community Council believes that the sales tax increase passed by the Hamilton County Commissioners on May 30, 2007 should be placed on the ballot so that we can vote for or against it.”   Second by Elizabeth,  The vote was 30 for and none opposed and 3 abstain.

Pat DeWine's June 2, Opinion in the Cincinnati Enquirer

* The tax imposed is more than $450 million more expensive than what the voters previously rejected.

* The new proposed Jail space would only add 400 more net jail spaces.

* Hamilton County Taxpayers already pay the second highest county property taxes of 88 counties in Ohio.

* With this vote we will also confront the highest sales tax in the region.

* Of the approximately $777 million generated by this tax increase, only $190 million actually goes to building jail space.

* This proposal will put in place new programs costing tens of millions of dollars a year that will not go away
in 15 years when the tax will purportedly end.


We anticipate an effort by those who want to avoid a vote on the issue to disrupt the petitioning campaign. Watch for intentionally fraudulent signatures such as "Mickey Mouse," "Fidel Castro," and well-known local and national politicians, businessmen and celebrities.  These nefarious activities may also involve harassment and intimidation of circulators.
If you see fraudulent or harassing activity, please notify Ed Rothenberg promptly at Ed@wedemandavote.com

Residents Leaving...
2nd Highest Property Tax...
High Cost of Doing Business...
Highest Sales Tax in Area!

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Organizations that have joined in this effort:

No Jail Tax

Green Party of Ohio

Green Party
of Ohio

Cincinnati Progression Action PAC
Libertarian Party