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Voters ban traffic-light cameras
By Jane Prendergast • jprendergast@enquirer.com • November 5, 2008

Cincinnatians - the first voters in the country to decide whether their municipality should be able to use cameras to catch drivers running red lights - favor a camera ban. Issue 7, which would prohibit the city from installing cameras, passed 51 percent to 49 percent.City Council in August rejected a proposal by the city manager to begin contract negotiations with a camera company. Mayor Mark Mallory had said he would veto the ordinance if it had passed.

Still, Councilman Cecil Thomas, chairman of council's Law & Public Safety committee, said he would consider resurrecting the issue in his committee - with a safety emphasis this time rather than a budgetary one. The camera plan came up late last year when council approved the current budget, which included $1 million in planned revenue from camera tickets.

Thomas said, however, that it only made sense to wait until after the election to see what voters think of the cameras before bringing the issue up again.Proponents of the measure, including NAACP President Christopher Smitherman and lawyer Chris Finney of the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes, said they wanted to push for the ban now so future councils could never put forth another camera proposal.

They believe the cameras erode civil liberties, circumvent a driver's right to face his accuser and were put forth by city officials as a way to make money, not to improve safety.

14,015 Petition Signatures Turned into City for Red Light Cameras Today!  --Find out about PR Initiative Also....
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Paramount, CA shut down its camera program in 2006 after running a projected $178,000 deficit in two years.  "It just really wasn't what we thought it would be," said Assistant City Manager John Moreno.   Compton also cancelled its program because of concerns over cost.

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”We are confident that we can put this issue over the top,” said Christopher Smitherman. “These groups bring an energy and breadth of support to this issue. We welcome their support.”


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From National Motorist's Association

Six cities busted for shortening yellow light...

Have you ever hit the throttle when a traffic light turns yellow, and then it turns red faster than you thought? We know it's happened to us, and for the most part we thought the problem was our bad timing. In six cities across these United States, missing a yellow light has less to do with bad timing, and more to do with shorter amber signals.

Six cities have been busted recently for having an amber light that lasted less than the minimum timing at an intersection, and millions of dollars in fines have been collected when drivers went through the premature red and got caught on camera. Chattanooga, Tennessee; Dallas, Texas; Springfield, Missouri; Lubbock, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; and Union City, California all cut the timing on their lights, and while some have paid back the fines, others have not. In Dallas, over $700,000 was collected in a matter of eight months, and in Tennessee the light timing was changed at only a few intersections, which just so happen to be the areas where local law enforcement set up traps.

While the millions of dollars in fines collected in these six cities is horrible, what's worse is that shorter amber lights mean more accidents and more injuries on the road.
Hit the link here to read more information regarding the cities that were caught cheating, and if you get pulled over for blowing a red, make sure to time the light.
(posted on Autoblog 4/14/08--click here)


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WeDemandAVote.com Chairman, Daniel Regenold and NAACP President Christopher Smitherman announced Friday, July 13, 2007 that they have received a total of 56,951 Signatures out of 28,750 needed to place the Sales Tax issue on the Ballot in November."Our partnership of 7 organizations has worked hard to make this happen for the Voters of Hamilton County. The voters need a chance to review this $900 million Sales Tax Increase and vote on it!" said Regenold and Smitherman. The petitions now go to Hamilton County Auditor Dustry Rhodes for 10 days for public inspection then on to the Board of Elections for 10 days where signatures will be reviewed against Voter Signatures Cards. A final decision on the number of signatures approved should come around August 10, 2007.


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